textsfromumbridge replied to your photo “Enjonine Artswap with kije999! Her line art, my colors. :D Pretty…”

It’s just so CUTE! =D

Go yell at Marije’s askbox and tell her! It’s such a cute drawing.

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its so gorgeous! i’m obsessed with the color of his hair and the shading on her hat (and also his hand on her knee omaodfaakjsdhfljasdkfjiowejf

Marije was kind enough to send her refs along, so i took my cue from that. It’s a very cute pose, innit?

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Aah!! It;s so gorgeous!! I’m still colouring your lines, I’m a bit caught up with school now, I have to turn 28 drawings and a 3D model in before tomorrow 12 A.M…

Take your time, bb! School is more important after all ;) And good luck with schoolwork - 28 drawings is a lot! Thanks for doing this art swap with me. I had a fun time coloring your drawing ^^

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Enjonine Artswap with kije999! Her line art, my colors. :D Pretty happy with how the colors turned out, although I’m sorta wishing I gave Enjolras a bolder color palette… Tell me what you guys think?

Enjonine Artswap with kije999! Her line art, my colors. :D Pretty happy with how the colors turned out, although I’m sorta wishing I gave Enjolras a bolder color palette… Tell me what you guys think?

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A print of Yvaine, the fallen star, from Stardust, and a mug with my Les Mis modern OT3 of Combeferre, Eponine, and Enjolras! YOUR ART IS SO LOVELY, MY HEART IS FILLED WITH JOY. *flies off into the sun*

Yay and thanks again for buying! Hope you enjoy your new print and mug :)

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That’s it. Y’all getting big watermarks now >:(

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Thanks bb, will check it out after I catch some zzz’s. it’s already 6am here @_@

Thanks bb, will check it out after I catch some zzz’s. it’s already 6am here @_@

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treat artist right we have 700 neopoint



The majority of Tumblr users are really lovely and respectful towards artists, and it’s wonderful to have a digital platform where art is, generally, so highly valued and appreciated.

However, there are a few problems that artists face day-to-day from Tumblr users that I’m going to address! I don’t feel (I don’t think anyone should feel) that artists are entitled to *special* treatment - we’re not! But we do deserve respect and consideration for both ourselves and the work that we do. Addressing and being aware of these issues will hopefully lead to a happier Tumblr experience for everyone! :)

Please don’t:

  • Appropriate an artist’s original work for your fandom.

    Why? It’s rude, disrespectful and can be really upsetting for an artist. No one wants the context of their work to be either erased or appropriated into something else! It’s just disappointing for an artist to work really hard on something, giving their work its own context, background, so on, only to have it completely misappropriated. Getting attention for work because it has been subsumed by a fandom and not on its own merits can be incredibly disheartening.

    Instead you can … Check back to the source of the image! Keep your personal fandom attributions to personal work to yourself! This post explains more about what is problematic about the culture of misattributing original artwork to fandom work.

  • Ask an artist for a request when they do not explicitly specify that they are taking requests.

    Why? Art takes time, time is money. Artists hardly get time to work on work that makes them money, much less work they want to do for themselves, much less free work they want to do for other people. 

    There’s also a culture where art is devalued and I feel that assuming an artist would take a request contributes to this culture. Even if you are asking in the nicest way possible, even if you think ‘well, they can just say no!’, even if you think they’d love to do your request because it’s ‘what you draw anyway!’ why is it that people are so comfortable with asking for free art, but not uncomfortable with the fact that you’d hardly ask for anything else for free in this life?

    Instead you can … start from the highest common denominator (instead of the lowest!) and enquire about commissions! If you’d really like an artist’s work, ask them how you can obtain said work. Make it clear that you really value artwork and that you’d be willing to give something in exchange for it.

  • Try to circumvent paying for art with other means.

    Why? If an artist is taking commissions, they probably have a damned good reason for requesting payment in return for their goods/services. Don’t ask if they’d accept an art trade from you instead - that’s really arrogant! Don’t ask if they’d do you a request. If you don’t have the money, you don’t have the money, you don’t get the art.

    Instead you can … well, there’s really not much you can do - just don’t do that!

  • Ask artists if they would like to participate in your contest/charity/convention/comic book/other miscellaneous project while not offering any kind of recompense or perks.

    Why? It’s kind of the same as asking for a request, except artists feel about ten times shittier when they have to turn you down. If an artist is actively looking for projects to participate in, they’ll let you know, I assure you. But most artists - however much they would like to - do not have the time to devote big chunks of their time to projects where they’re not offered much in the way of recompense other than ‘exposure’! I find it kind of uncomfortable when artists receive requests asking that they ‘donate’ their art to some ‘cause’. It’s a bit like the equivalent of people standing on the street asking for monetary donations to the cause, except on Tumblr it’s a bit more invasive.

    Instead you can … if you really want an artist to participate in a project, offer it to them like a job!

  • Remove artist comments from work when you reblog it

    Why?Removing artist comments erases the artist from their work, and contributes to a culture where art exists separate from its creator. Many artists write a caption along with their work that provides context, and without that, their art can be meaningless and open to the wrong kinds of interpretations. Food for thought on this topic!

    Instead you can … leave the artist comments alone! If captions on pictures bother you so much, there’s an array of themes that hide the caption when viewing on your own blog. If you want to be really awesome, when you see art reblogged on your dash, follow it back to the source. You will be surprised how many pieces make the rounds on Tumblr devoid of their original caption.

  • Repost/edit artwork to your blog without sourcing or crediting.

    Why? The same issues as removing artist captions, though this is probably more serious! It’s really awful when unsourced, uncredited art makes the rounds on Tumblr because the artist is seeing NONE of that exposure. Again, it contributes to creator invisibility which is really problematic. You may not think it is, but the attitude that artists are so easily disposable and divorced from their work leads to really ugly attitudes in people. A reminder that we MADE our work! With our hands! And our time and effort! We are allowed to think and feel and do whatever we want about our work, so yes, we are allowed to be upset when people tamper with it because WE own it. By this same token, we deserve appreciation and recognition.

    Instead you can … reblog artwork from the original artist! If you DO want to post someone’s art to your blog because you don’t think they have a Tumblr but think their work deserves to be shared, ask the artist first. Source the work back to them AND provide a caption and link. If you see uncredited work going around your dash, you can be a superstar and source it back (and maybe let the artist know!)

the whole world needs to read this

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ulooklikehell asked: Hey babe! Idk if you have an Instagram, but someone there has been reposting your art without credit (although not selling it or claiming it to be theirs).




oh maaaaan… which piece? do you have a link or something, dear? i do have an instagram account, but i barely use it. 

Look, guys, I have a very simple policy if you want to share my art on a different website. Ask me first if I’m okay with it before you post. At the very least, link back to my Tumblr or even my Behance portfolio and credit me as the artist.

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Hello, friends! I’ve finally gathered the courage to try doing paid art commissions! Price guideline is listed above, along with some sample artworks.

Price guideline:

  • colored sketches: 1 character, plain background:

  • portrait/half-body: $10

  • per additional character: + $7

  • with simple background: + $5

  • final art image size: 800px x 1000px

  • digital art: 1 character, inked + colored, plain background:

  • portrait/half-body: $20 

  • full body: $30

  • per additional character: + $15

  • with simple background: + $10

  • with detailed background: + $30

  • final art image size: 2400px x 3000px (8”x10” at 300dpi)

  • digital painting: 1 character, plain background:

  • portrait/half-body: $30

  • full-body: $50

  • per additional character: + $20

  • with simple background: + $20

  • with detailed background: + $40

  • final art image size: 2400px x 3000px (8”x10” at 300dpi)

How to commission me:

  1. Send me a message via email (please put “art commission order” on the email subject so I won’t miss it!) or my Tumblr askbox with the following details:
    - Description (and reference photos if available) of the character(s) you want me to draw
    - Do you want a full body drawing of your character, rather than just a portrait? Do you want a simple background with it? A detailed background? Is this a rush job? Please note that these things might affect the cost of your order.
    - Art style. Do you want a small, sketchy painting or a more polished and detailed artwork? Do you want me to draw your commission in my weird, vaguely anime-ish style?
    - Additional details like mood, pose, etc. that you think I should note to effectively draw your commission to your liking.
  2. I will let you know if I can accept your commission and will send you a cost estimate for your order before starting.
  3. I’ll only start working on a concept sketch when you approve the cost estimate.
  4. I’ll send you a low-res concept sketch through email and once it’s approved, please send your payment by Paypal.
  5. I will not continue the commission until I receive the payment.
  6. Once finished, I’ll send you a print-ready file and a smaller, internet-friendly version of your commissioned artwork.

Some notes:

  • Please note that I have the right to refuse your commission order if I feel like it is beyond my skills or if it’s sexually explicit/violent/offensive.
  • I reserve the right to adjust the prices should your commission order warrant extra work. Any adjustment in the price will be conveyed as soon as possible and work on the commission will be halted until an updated price is agreed upon. I do hope to prevent this as much as possible by not drawing anything until you approve the cost estimate.
  • If you would like to commission me for an artwork of a certain size or art style that’s not listed above, please email me the details and we’ll see if we can work out the price based on your requirements.
  • I will upload a watermarked and low resolution version of your commission on my art blog and online portfolio, unless specifically requested otherwise.
  • Art is for personal, non commercial use. That means you are not allowed to sell, publish, or modify the art you commissioned me for. If you would like to hire me to do an artwork intended for commercial use, please email me so we can discuss it privately.

If you’ve got questions or would like to commission me, please don’t hesitate to send me a message!

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